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Sewing Space Rental

Maybe you just need a place away from home to sit and sew (or knit, or cross-stitch, or macrame…) or you and your besties want a place to work together. You’re all welcome at MADE!

As an individual or group, you can book a spot and stay with us all day. You are free to use our cutting table and irons while you’re here, and if you need any supplies, we’ve got thread and needles and fabric and notions for you to choose from. If you’re a smaller group but want the entire classroom to yourself, be sure to book at the Large Group rate.

Don’t have a sewing machine of your own? No problem! We’ve got lovely Viking Opal 690Q sewing machines ready for you to use – just add one to your appointment and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

You may book your appointment below or call us directly during business hours at 877-479-9990.

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FAQs for Sewing Space Rentals

What's included in my rental fee?

  1. A 3′ x 24″ table to work at, where you can set up a sewing machine or something else. (If we’re lightly booked, you can spread out, but if you’re taking up 4 tables and we need one, you’re gonna have to give it up.)
  2. Use of a central cutting table and irons. If you need
  3. If you’ve added a sewing machine to your rental, we’ll give a fresh needle, appropriately sized for the thread you’ve chosen.
  4. Light supervision and assistance with threading and machine settings if you need it.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

Just make sure you’ve brought what you need for your project. We do have a selection of rulers, rotary cutters, notions, thread, fabric, etc. for you to use or purchase, but you’re probably better off packing what you need before you come!

Do you take walk ins?

Abso-tootin-lutely! Please call us first to make sure we are open and have space for you (or check the Calendar to see what’s going on.)

What if I only need space for half a day?

We only do half-day reservations on a walk-in basis for now until we see if there’s a larger demand for half-days. You can call us the day before or day of to check on space. Half-days are $10, and can be booked for a morning session (9am-1pm) or afternoon session (2pm-6pm.)

Are there any additional fees?

Yes. One or more of these fees will be added to your session when you check out:

  1. Thread fee. If you haven’t brought your own thread, you can buy a spool from us. It’s yours to keep, so don’t forget to take it with you.
  2. Needle fee. If you didn’t bring any needles of your own, the first one’s on us, but if you need any more, new needles are available for $1.50 each or you can purchase a 5 pack. If you break or bend a needle during your session, we may add a dismayed frown as well.

These fees could add between $1.50 – $15 to your rental cost.

When does my rental time begin/end?

Your rental time begins at your scheduled appointment time, and ends when you tidy up your space (and turn in the sewing machine if you rented one.) If you are the first appointment of the day, we will open the studio 15 minutes before opening time to allow you time to get settled.

Can I get my deposit back?

Deposits are non-refundable if your appointment is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, as this prevents others from being able to reserve an appointment to use the space.

What happens if I don't finish my project?

Come back tomorrow! Unless we’re closed or booked.