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Long Arm Renter Certification

Before you can rent time to use our long arm machines, you’ll need to be certified to use our machines. We offer group certification classes twice per month on Saturdays and alternate Mondays; if you can’t make any of the certification dates, please call us to see if we can arrange private instruction for you.

Each 7-hour class is limited to a maximum of four people, to insure each person gets adequate time to quilt.

In the class, you will learn how to:

  • safely operate the machine
  • select the right batting for your project
  • select the right thread and pattern for your project
  • pin a quilt to zippers for loading on the long arm
  • load a quilt onto the machine and prepare it for quilting
  • baste the edges of a quilt so it is square and straight on the frame
  • line up a pantograph and adjust it for quilting
  • advance a quilt, get it lined up to the pattern, and adjusting for subsequent rows
  • recover from a thread break or empty bobbin
  • adjust the pattern for quilting the last row
  • if there’s time, we’ll show you how to bind a quilt on the frame!

We will be practicing on charity quilts, so please don’t fret about potentially ruining a project of your own. We do recommend that for your first rental, you skip the heirloom wedding gift and work on something simpler and less imbued with meaning until you’re more comfortable quilting.

Every renter receives a Renter Kit with everything you need to get started, plus a few goodies!

Inside the Renter Kit:

  • One set of zippers to prepare a quilt for loading onto our machines
  • Zipper instructions (in case you need a refresher at home)
  • 200 safety pins (should be enough for a king-sized quilt)
  • One Urban Elementz pantograph to start your collection
  • A pair of Kai 4″ stainless steel scissors
  • A MADE scissor reel (only really special people get those!)
  • A MADE pen
  • A MADE 5″ x 7″ lined notebook
  • A MADE tote bag for carrying your things