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Long Arm Rental Agreement

We are so thrilled that you’ve chosen MADE as the place to continue your creative pursuits! While you are here, we want you to be safe and happy, and when you leave, we want you to do it with all the body parts you came in with.

Prior to renting, please make sure you review and agree to the terms of this agreement before operating our equipment. You’ll be asked to review this during renter certification, and if we don’t have an acknowledged form on file, you’ll be asked to sign it before class begins.


  • Operate the machine in a safe and attentive manner. Know where your hands and tools are at all times.
  • You are operating our equipment at your own risk. We are not responsible for any injuries or damages to your personal property sustained while you are here in our studio.
  • Check your surroundings and the surface of the quilt top before you start quilting to make sure there’s nothing preventing you from moving smoothly.
  • Stop the machine with the stop button before taking your hands off the handlebars.
  • Do not wear dangly jewelry, loose clothing, long scarves, or anything that could potentially get caught in or tangled around the machine. If you are wearing scissors, they must be mounted to a retractable lanyard and positioned high on your chest.
  • Long hair must be tied back or covered.
  • No smoking or drinking alcohol in the studio. Additionally, food and drinks must be kept out of the Long Arm Lab area.
  • Keep tools and pins in designated areas.
  • We understand that accidents happen, but you will be expected to cover any damages to our equipment or studio caused by you or someone in your care due to negligence, inattentiveness, carelessness, apathy, or deliberate act.
  • We love little ones, but if they are old enough to be independently mobile & inquisitive without the requisite impulse control to wait patiently for you while you quilt, it is probably best to make other arrangements for them. There are too many sharp and electrified things here to allow little ones to run around and play by themselves. If they are mobile but can work quietly and independently, we suggest reserving a Personal Sewing Space for them to make sure we can accommodate them that day.
  • If your little one is of the four legged kind, we’d also appreciate you leaving them home. Some people have allergies and cannot be around pets. (Service animals are the exception.)
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances:
    • Set things down on the quilt. It’s easy for things to get forgotten or not be seen.
    • Lay objects across or set things down on the leader poles. It’s far too easy for things to slip between your quilt top and the batting, where you can’t see them!
    • Lean on the leader poles or the pantograph shelf.
    • Store bags or personal items under the machine, in aisles, or along walking paths.
    • Attempt techniques or skills that have not been covered in class.

Rental Rates and Times

  • Machines are available by the hour at $25/hour. Renters are charged for actual time used, in 15-minute increments, after the minimum rental time is met.
  • Minimum rental time is (2) hours when booking a half-day slot, and (3) hours when booking a full day slot. These funds will be collected in the form of a non-refundable deposit at the time of your booking.
  • Rental time begins at the start of your scheduled appointment, whether you are here or not.
  • Rental time ends when you zip your quilt off the machine and clean up your workspace.

Operating the Equipment

  • Only Certified Renters may use our machines. If you have received training elsewhere, please call us to check whether we accept this training in lieu of taking our renter certification. Renter Certification is $200 and includes a Renter Kit.
    • If it has been more than a year since you have rented, you will be asked to recertify. Re-certification classes are $75.
  • Renters must be 16 years of age or older to operate equipment.
  • We ask that you do not attempt to make any adjustments to the machine yourself. A MADE Staff member will take care of any oiling, bobbin changes, tension adjustments, needle changes, thread jams, or stitch setting adjustments.
  • If you hear anything strange, or if the machine presents any resistance, STOP and ask for help.
  • We use zippers for loading quilts. Please do not pin directly to our leaders.
  • We ask that you only use approved threads in our machines. We have tested a number of threads and are familiar with the machine adjustments needed to run each type of thread in our machines. You may purchase thread from us by the bobbin or by the cone.
  • When you are finished, please clean up your work area and return any items you’ve used to their designated spaces. Return any remaining bobbins to the checkout desk.

Paying the Rental Balance and Additional Fees

  • Your rental balance due will be calculated based on the amount of time you have rented less your deposit, plus fees for any supplies or materials. Additional fees may include:
    • Bobbin fee. Thread is $2.00 per bobbin for 50wt solid thread, $2.50/bobbin for 40 or 30wt thread, and $3.00/bobbin for metallics. If you wish to purchase a cone of thread rather than by the bobbin, we may have new cones available. We do not allow outside threads to be used in our machines.
    • Needle fee. One needle is included in your rental, but if you’re quilting a very large quilt, you may need to change the needle part way through. New needles are available for $1.50 each. If you break or bend a needle during your session, we may add a dismayed frown as well.
    • Pantograph fee. Not all quilting pattern designers allow their patterns to be shared, and require each customer to own their own copy of a design. In these cases, we will order a copy for you and add it to your rental session. (These patterns are marked in our catalog.)
  • Your rental balance is payable in full at the end of your appointment. We accept cash, local checks, valid gift certificates, and credit cards as payment. There is a $39 fee for any returned check.

Rescheduling & Cancellations

  • If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please do so at least 48 hours in advance. This gives us time to potentially schedule another client into your spot, and your deposit will be applied to your rescheduled appointment or refunded.
  • If you reschedule or cancel with less than 72 hours notice, your deposit will not be returned unless:
    • You find another Certified Renter to take your place;
    • You call to inform us who will be taking your place; and
    • The Certified Renter shows up and has paid their deposit.

You will be asked to acknowledge that you agree to these terms when you take your Rental Certification class, and again when the terms are updated.