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Long Arm Rental

In our Long Arm Lab, we proudly stitch on Handi Quilter machines: Fitzwilliam is our 24″ Fusion on a 12′ adjustable height frame, and Elizabeth is our 18″ Avante on a 12′ stationary height frame. Either machine will accommodate up to king sized quilts (132″ maximum backing width).

A Renter Certification class is required prior to renting time on our machines. We hold classes twice per month, on Saturdays and Mondays. Learn more about our Renter Certification here.

If you need backing or batting for your quilt, we have a selection you can choose from in advance of your appointment.

You may book your appointment below or call us directly during business hours at 877-479-9990.

To make sure your quilt is ready for quilting, please visit our Preparing Your Quilt for Long Arm Quilting page. These should be helpful tips whether you’re quilting with us or with someone else!

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FAQs for Long Arm Rentals

What's included in my rental fee?

  1. Use of a cleaned & oiled HandiQuilter long arm machine. If you’ve selected your thread in advance, we’ll thread it and wind a few bobbins for you before you arrive.
  2. A fresh needle, appropriately sized for the thread you’ve chosen.
  3. Light supervision and assistance with basting, advancing, and recovering from thread breaks/empty bobbins.

Do I need to prepare anything in advance?

Yes. First, make sure you’ve taken our Rental Certification Class prior to your rental time; otherwise, we’ll have to reschedule your appointment. Next, please prepare your quilt according to our guidelines for the most trouble-free experience. (The first time you do it, it looks like a lot of stuff, but it will become second-nature to you as you make more quilts.)

Will someone be there to help me?

Absolutely! Someone will always be in the Lab with you, ready to answer questions and help you with the machine. All we expect you to do is press “go” and “stop.” We will check and adjust the tension, change and wind bobbins, help you restart after a thread bread, help you advance and align your next row, and even baste the advanced section if you ask nicely.

Are there any additional fees?

Yes. One or more of these fees will be added to your session when you check out:

  1. Bobbin fee. Thread is $2.00 per bobbin for 50wt solid thread, $2.50/bobbin for 40 or 30wt thread, and $3.00/bobbin for metallics. If you wish to purchase a cone of thread rather than by the bobbin, we may have new cones available. We do not allow outside threads to be used in our machines.
  2. Needle fee. If you’re quilting a very large quilt, you may need to change the needle part way through the quilt. New needles are available for $1.50 each. If you break or bend a needle during your session, we may add a dismayed frown as well.
  3. Pantograph fee. Not all quilting pattern designers allow their patterns to be shared, and require each customer to own their own copy of a design. In these cases, we will order a copy for you and add it to your rental session. (These patterns are marked in our catalog.)

These fees could add between $5 – $25 to your rental cost.

When does my rental time begin/end?

Your rental time begins at your scheduled appointment time, and ends when you zip your quilt off the frame rounded to the next half hour. If you are the first appointment of the day, we will open the studio 15 minutes before opening time to allow you time to get settled.

What if I don't want to do an edge to edge pattern?

Whoa, partner! Actually, we’re happy to help you learn some skills in free-motion, and once you’ve taken our Renter Certification, you will be able to sign up for additional classes to increase your skills and knowledge using a long arm. Practicing edge to edge is a good way to build confidence and get used to the motion of the machine.

Can I get my deposit back?

Deposits are non-refundable if your appointment is canceled with less than 48 hours notice, as this prevents others from being able to reserve an appointment to use the machine.

What happens if I don't finish my quilt?

A couple of scenarios could apply:

  1. If no one is booked behind you, you are welcome to continue quilting until you are finished or until closing time, whichever is earlier. You will be charged for the hours you use.
  2. If someone is booked behind you, but we can switch them to another machine, #1 applies.
  3. If someone is booked behind you, or it’s time to close up, you’ll need to finish up the row you are on, and we’ll need to schedule another appointment for you. (If we’re able to schedule you for the next day, you won’t need to remove your quilt from the machine – so let’s check the schedule before you zip off.)