Creativity begins here. Get things MADE.

Calendar of Events

MADE is a by-appointment studio, so it’s always a great idea to check our schedule to see what’s happening before dropping by.

We leave our schedule open to book appointments Thursday-Monday from 9am-7pm. It doesn’t guarantee we are open on all of those days every week, but if someone books an appointment or we’ve scheduled an event or club, we’re definitely at the studio!

If we have an event scheduled, you’ll see a start time listed, and it means we are in the building and happy to welcome you.

If you don’t see an event scheduled (with an actual start time) we might be closed, so please call first to check. (Sometimes MADE might be closed, but if there are people working in the back warehouse they might be able to open MADE to accommodate you.)

To schedule an appointment or to register for a class, please use our Appointment Scheduler.

MADE is typically closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays (that’s our weekend), except for special events. If you have a special event you’d like to host at MADE, let us know!